If you have gone as far as starting to look for pool fencing, then you are probably well aware of the plain good sense it makes installing a system that prevents children from danger.


At POOLPARC we propose fencing systems that fit your pool, your needs, and your pocket.


Our fencing solutions have been protecting kids for over 20 years in France, and of course they adhere to the latest French laws and norms for pool security.


We also understand why some pool owners are reluctant to abide with these new laws, and to this end we privilege aesthetics as well as safety.

Peter Stevenson

Director of Poolparc

“It's like having a lifeguard 24/7”

Poolparc pool security fencing

Poolparc is a tried and tested pool security system that has been a fencing favourite for over 30 years.

Peace of mind

Poolparc fencing fully complies with France's pool security fencing legislation (AFNOR) NF P90-306.


Always in style

The square profile of the vertical bars and rails of Poolparc fencing gives the fence a timeless look that will not date your property.


Flexible design

Poolparc fencing looks great beside the pool or be as creative as you wish and blend the fence into your garden setting.

The ability of a standard Poolparc fencing panel to rake and follow the natural ground contours of your garden at no extra cost, is one major advantage over other fencing products. This unique design feature means that your fence will always comply with the maximum allowable gap under the fence of 100mm. The fence can also be easily adapted to follow the slope of steps.



Our installers cover the southwest of France but Poolparc fencing can also be supplied in kits complete with posts, rails, vertical bars, Tek screws and caps. Poolparc can also be supplied as pre-assembled panels.

Once the panels have been assembled to suit your plan, simply dig 600mm holes at the correct centres, and join panels together back to back. The self tapping Tek screws make this operation easy.

If you buy the panels preassembled it is best to plan the last panel oversize and trim to width on site.





We all know, time is money and leisure time is extremely valuable so it certainly makes sense to have a Poolparc fence. The low maintenance and long lasting properties of Poolparc fencing save hours of back breaking work over a period of time. Poolparc fencing complements all the other low maintenance building materials we use around our homes to improve the quality of our lifestyles. If your pool is a "salty"  a wash with a capful of liquid wax in the washing water, every six months removes damaging salts and maintains the good looks of your fence.

Child-resistant gate opener

The gates on Poolparc fencing are fitted with (AFNOR) NF P90-306 certified child-resistant openers.





Over 5000 pools are equipped
with Poolparc security fencing


Swimming pool security systems

Peter Stevenson


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Frequently Asked Questions


Am I responsible if someone drowns in my pool when I am not there?

     Yes, you are responsible for your pool 24hrs.per day 7 days per week whether you are present or not.


What do I risk if someone drowns in my pool?

     If you have not taken precautions to prevent accidents you could be sued for negligence, after Jan. 1st.

     2006 you could also face a fine of up to 45,000€ if your security devices were not effective.


Are the new laws enforced yet ?

     The new laws are in place, some mairie’s are taking it seriously and advising pool owners to comply.


In what situation should I use an alarm rather than a fence?

     An alarm is installed to keep one within the law. They do not prevent accidents, they simply let you

     know there may have been one.


Should I use both alarm and fencing?

     It is a good idea to use an alarm in addition to a fence particularly if the fence is far enough away to

     have sunbeds within the fenced area.


Is a hedge considered adequate protection around a pool?

     No, a hedge of any type does not conform with regulations.


Some people prefer fences to alarms, why would this be?

     People that choose fencing over other systems tend to be more concerned about safety rather than

     simply complying with the law. It is interesting to note that grandparents are keener on prevention of

     accidents and usually go for fencing.


Can I use the house as part of the security system?

     Yes, the house is considered part of the barrier as long as points of access eg. doors and windows, are

     fitted with child proof locks .


How far from the pool does the fence have to be?

      There is no set distance. The law states ‘it is recommended to be no closer to the water than 1.00m

      and not so far away as to reduce the effectiveness'.

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So, how much is all this going to cost ?


The sad answer is that not fencing a pool has cost too many families dearly.

If you'd like an idea of what minimising the risks of pool accidents has cost the many satisfied Poolparc clients, then here are a few examples of projects :

Bob had spent a long time in the

USA, he considered the fence to be

an integral part of the pool

- in his own words "if I can't relax

when my grandchildren are out in

the garden, then there's no point

having a pool".

He put 24 railed Poolparc panels

around the back, 6 transparent

Technal panels around the front

with a transparent Technal gate.

Bob installed it all himself.


Project : 5300 euros +vat

The Sealys' pool is surrounded by a high wall on the two sides closest to the house and a sweeping lawn on the other side.

As they were not keen to see a fence in front on their lawn we installed green Poolparc fencing and planted over 50 floral shrubs to break up the lines.


Project : 2350 euros +vat

(not including plants)

Client : Bob Maynard

Location : Albi

Clients : Mr & Mrs Sealy

Location : Toulouse

Clients : Colin and Ann Grenward

Location : Montfort

Client : Stefan Briscoe

Location : Near Castelsarrasin

Client : Ewan Thomas

Location : Decazeville

Client : Kirin O'Connell

Location : Near Carcassonne

Clients : Mr & Mrs Bonnet

Location: Near Castres

Client : Thomas Martin

Location : Grisolles

Colin and Ann didn't like the idea of a fence, they have a big open garden with very few shrubs around the pool.

We suggested they use green steel railing to blend in with their garden. The ground slopes away from the pool at the back, making the inclinable Poolparc steel railing the ideal choice.

They chose a large enclosure, and installed 33 panels themselves.


Project : 6700 euros +vat

Stefan has a second home near Castelsarrasin that he rents out very successfully with Air BNB.

Concerned about  the security of his tenants’ children around the pool, Stefan installed a Poolparc system and has noticed how bookings have improved by families with young children.


Project : 2595 euros +vat

Decazeville was a long way to go for a fencing installation, but the finished result was worth it.

5 Technal transparent panels meant the view was unbroken between the house and the pool and the Poolparc white railing fitted in nicely with the terraces and pool furniture.

We installed 5 Transparent panels and a transparent gate, with 16 Poolparc white steel panels.


Project : 8500 euros +vat

Kirin has a very large pool area and wanted a pool fence that didn’t look like a fence !

We helped him do this by building a wall and planting shrubs near the green fencing panels.





Project : 5300 euros +vat

The Bonnets built their pool as they built their dream retirement bungalow in the Tarn.

The pool was built into the sloping garden making the Poolparc panels an obvious choice. We also planted over 50 shrubs just away from the fencing that will soon break up the hard lines of the oven-baked green steel rails.  They needed 23 panels and a childproof lockable gate, we installed it in under 48 hours.


Project : 6500 euros +vat

This secluded holiday home is often let out as a gite.  By law Thomas had to put in a security device but he didn't have a big budget to do it with.

We supplied Thomas with 26 metres of mesh fencing with a Poolparc child-proof gate. Thomas installed it all himself.


Project : 2500 euros +vat

Of course, you will want a precise quotation

for YOUR specific situation.

Poolparc will be pleased to advise you on the best way

of integrating effective, norms compliant fencing,

harmoniously into your pool environment.

It's a free, no-obligation and price guartanteed quotation.



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